Welcome To Affiliated Global Technologies

Affiliated Global Technologies (AGT) is the supplier of a wide range of industrial products and services from Asia.  Unlike a sourcing agency, AGT has direct customer representatives serving North America.  Our two parent companies operate manufacturing facilities in The United States and conduct project management activities through staff locations in Asia.  The domestic US casting, machining, mold making, and injection molding units have operated for more than 30 years. 

AGT has more than 10 years experience in China and India.  We have a highly skilled team of foundry, machining, and injection mold technicians in the US and our Asian locations.  AGT staff members are experienced in process control and can develop the solutions to deliver manufacturing quality and cost containment.  With our blend of North American and Asian manufacturing assets, we can address all levels of volume and complexity.

AGT customers have full access to all of our process capabilities through whatever stage they require.  We can facilitate a customers design and develop it from prototype through production.  We can also arrange for the logistics so that our quoted prices are in the native currency and delivered to your door.  We deliver globally competitive products while accepting the responsibility for coordination, quality, and scheduling.  Let AGT put the world to work for you.

Process Capabilities

Casting Methods – Sand Casting, Permanent Mold, Die Casting, Investment Casting
Cast Metals – Aluminum, Magnesium, Brass, Bronze, Iron, Steel
Plastic Injection Molding
Fabrication & Assembly
Design – FEA and Optimization