Case Study A – Aluminum Castings, Machining, Stampings, and Fabrication

A manufacturing company with their own foundry came to us after many years of frustration over the foundry’s negative impact on the overall operation of their business.  They wanted to close their foundry and concentrate their resources on their product line.  This meant that they needed a supplier capable of delivering all of their castings completely machined.  Their tooling was old and in constant need of maintenance.  They were an ideal candidate for our operation in China.  We knew that we could reproduce all of the tooling economically and deliver their machined castings at a cost which would allow them to amortize the tooling investment very quickly.  Our involvement has now grown to include not only machined castings but also stampings and fabrications. 

Case Study B – Stainless Steel Investment Castings

A customer at one of our domestic plants became frustrated with the cost of the bronze alloy used in a pump part.  It was determined that stainless steel would be acceptable as a replacement.  We converted the part to a stainless steel investment casting and are producing it in China.  We can now supplying the part completely machined for a substantially lower price than we had been receiving for our old domestically produced raw casting.

Case Study C – Iron Sand Casting

A customer was using a series of steel plates as a counterweight on an apparatus that they build for the health industry.  The weights are concealed within the structure of the piece of equipment.  It was decided that a series of coated iron castings could serve the same function at a lower cost.  We designed a standard weight casting that allowed the customer to adjust the center of gravity, lower their machine, and reduce their cost by about $300 per machine.  The castings are produced in China and come to the customer ready to ship with their completed product.

Case Study D – Design, FEA, Plastic Injection Molding

A customer produces a special machine in quantities of about 1,000 per year.  They had two plastic components that were being fabricated due to the high cost of molds in the US.  The parts were failing in the field after time due to the constant fatigue of the application.  We helped them redesign the fabrications into two injection molded plastic parts.  The finite element analysis proved that the new parts would function without failure indefinitely.  We produced the molds and now supply the parts in low volume at a substantial cost savings both in terms of components cost and warrantee responsibility.