Affiliated Global Technologies – Global Resources

Affiliated Global Technologies was founded in 2005 as a joint venture between Global Tech Ventures, Inc. and Tri-State Cast Technologies, Inc.  Each company had been conducting global business for some time through agencies.   The formation of AGT allowed us to provide our customer base with a unique set of global capabilities in the manufacture of castings, molds for plastic processes, and plastic molded parts.  In 2005, AGT established an engineering office in Qingdao, Shandong, China.  This office conducts project management functions and handles daily communication between our North American staff and our China partners.  The partnering relationships in China have now grown to include castings, molds, plastic parts, stampings, fabrications, and assemblies. 

After working with companies in India for a number of years, in 2007 AGT established an office in Bangalore, India for the purpose of coordinating programs there.  While metals and plastics are also a part of our capabilities in India, we also conduct design, FEA, and optimizing projects from that office.

Why Choose Affiliated Global Technologies?    

  • Skilled technical personnel in North America and Asia
  • ISO certified manufacturing locations in North America and Asia
  • Wide range of product capabilities in metals and plastics
  • Wide range of services from design to fabrication and assembly
  • Technical service available in North America

Affiliated Global Technologies is your North American source with global assets.  With many years of experience in both metals and plastics, AGT serves as your single source for a variety of product programs.  We invite you to incorporate our Manufacturing Solutions into your global supply chain.